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To date, TorVPS has never been contacted by a law enforcement agency or representative of any government.

TorVPS is the longest-running host on Tor. Started in April 2013, the original TorVPS server provides free Linux shell accounts to anyone who requests one. Over the years, TorVPS has hosted websites, IRC networks, games, streaming radio, and dozens of other services for its users. Despite the fact that it runs stock Ubuntu Server, the TorVPS shells server has never been compromised. So if you need a free, reliable host and you know how to use a shell account, come sign up and join the community.

Contact information

Contact the administrator (and other users) on IRC: #TorVPS @ torvpsircvjnuj3m.onion/6667 or /6697 SSL (How to connect)



TorVPS no longer offers paid hosting of any kind.

As of 2015, if you have an idea for a service that does not exist in .onion land and is needed, I will provide a free VPS for that purpose. Optionally, I can even manage the server. However, you will be responsible for building the community. If you abandon the site, you will lose the VPS.


I offer free shells on this server for people who want to experience a fully-Torified system. However, you will not have root access and will have to run package installation requests through me. If you're just looking for a free .onion host, the shell account can be used for this purpose. See the FAQ for more details. Also bear in mind that in exchange for the free shell, you must speak on the TorVPS IRC channel at least once every 30 days with the username of your shell account. This allows me to keep track of active/inactive accounts. Inactive accounts will be pruned roughly every month.

Sites hosted

Note: If you want your site listed here, please contact the admin.




After a year or so of very sparse posting, Redditor is being shut down. TorVPS-related news will be posted here instead.


Instead of dealing with requests solely on IRC, I'm opening up support and will be publishing TorVPS-related news at the TorVPS subreddit over on http://redditor3a2spgd6.onion/r/TorVPS

For anyone interested in creating their own subreddit, this functionality is enabled and available at http://redditor3a2spgd6.onion/subreddits/create

Again, news will be posted over on the subreddit now and is unlikely to be mirrored here.


Now offering free VPSes for people who want to host services that don't have a .onion equivalent. If necessary, I can even manage the server. You would be responsible for building the community. Contact me on IRC if interested.


There will be a period of extended downtime within the next two weeks for some major network changes. Estimated maximum total downtime is ~1 day.


There was a storage array issue that caused a temporary service issue. It has been resolved.


Network maintenance and upgrades will be performed Saturday, September 13th, 2014. During this time, all TorVPS services will be down.


TorVPS is now offering OpenVZ-based VPSes with full root access for people who need more than basic hosting.


There will be network and hardware maintenance taking place next weekend (2014-05-24 and 2014-05-25). During this time, expect services to be up and down.


Thanks to the OpenSSL bug, I'll be scheduling some emergency maintenance over the next several days. Expect services to be up and down during that time. Additionally, I'll be pruning inactive accounts from the shell server in the next couple days. The accounts suspended and the accounts removed will appear here so that people don't need to ask me about it.


Scheduled maintenance on shells. At 01:00 UTC on 2014-01-09, shells will be going down for maintenance to the database server. Expect roughly 15 to 20 minutes of downtime.


There seems to be some confusion about the IRC policy for free shells. Let me clarify here: I use IRC to determine the activity/inactivity of accounts. If you TorChat me, I don't have a way of associating your TorChat ID with your shell account. That's why you have to show up on IRC using your shell account username and speak in the #TorVPS channel. There is a bot there that tracks the last time someone spoke. I use this to determine how long ago you were active. Again, accounts that are inactive for 30 days may be disabled.


I'm currently working on a way to automate the creation of .onion domains both for people who uses VPSes and those who have free shell accounts.

Note: There is a requirement that people who have shells stay on the TorVPS IRC so that I can contact them about their accounts if need be. To that effect, I will be disabling the accounts of people who aren't there for a period of 30 days. If you find your account disabled, you should probably come talk to me about it or your account will end up deleted.


Setting up a wiki to field a lot of the frequently asked questions about how to use the shell account for hosting.